How One Text Can Create an Influx of New Clientele

How One Text Can Create an Influx of New Clientele

text marketing for salons

Let’s pretend you own a local hair salon. Business is decent; you aren’t complaining. But, as more pop up salons appear in the neighborhood, you start to see a slow decrease in new business. You’re left clinging to your current customer base for dear life. The lack of incoming inquiries start to make you uneasy. You know your business can’t survive for the next 10 years on current clientele. You go searching for a quick, overnight fix.

You fire out a message to your mailing list. But, the problem is, you’re still only reaching current clientele. Your first attempt at drawing in new business is a flop. Still not ready to give up, you post a ton of flyers in your salon that read, “5 Off Your Next Cut and Color.” This does nothing for drawing in new business, as people have to actually enter the salon to learn about the offer.

Finally, you decide to try something totally out of the box. These old school methods just aren’t cutting it. Knowing how obsessed your demographic is with texting, you decide to give it a try. Over 90% of all text messages are opened within five minutes or less, so for salons and spas, text marketing is a promising new solution.

Before actually texting customers, you have to collect their numbers. Then, you can reel in new business with a text promotion. You go out to the sign in front of your building, and tack up a new promotion: Text HAIR to 31996, and Get $10 Off Your First Cut and Color. Luckily, you live on a busy street, so thousands of potential clients drive past your salon every day.

In just 3 days, 42 people have texted in to redeem your offer. To seal the deal, your auto reply includes a link to schedule their first appointment. Out of those 42, 27 immediately booked a cut and color. When done correctly, text marketing will work wonders for your business.

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