Don’t Make These SMS Mistakes Right Before the Holidays

Don’t Make These SMS Mistakes Right Before the Holidays

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It’s the most wonderful time of year; that’s one thing we can all agree on. But, if you try to cut corners with your holiday marketing campaigns, you’ll start the new year off on the wrong foot. Don’t let the holiday season take away from harboring an efficient marketing strategy. Here’s a checklist of three mistakes that you must avoid when running your December SMS campaigns.

You fail to include a compliance statement on marketing materials.

The holidays present a wonderful opportunity. If you own a brick and mortar, your store traffic is likely to increase. Similarly, if you store is strictly online, you’re likely to see jumps in website visits. How do you make the most of this increase? Give shoppers an opportunity to join your text message marketing rewards club. But, don’t screw up this opportunity by forgetting to include the fine print. You want to collect phone numbers the right way, so your compliance statement is a must.

You fire out text promotions at the absolute wrong time.

Don’t fire out an SMS offer on Christmas Eve. Most likely, people won’t engage, and you’ll have wasted those messages. Remember, a text promotion is only successful if it’s actually redeemed. If you’re not seeing a high rate of offer redemption, especially around the holidays, your discounts aren’t appealing to the majority of your audience.

You forget to use SMS as a way to connect on other channels.

Sure, we love text marketing. That goes without saying. But no marketing method is ever the end all, be all. Use SMS to grow your other marketing channels as well. For example, our email capture and integration features will help you simultaneously grow your email list while engaging with loyal customers via text.

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