How to Provide Excellent Customer Service This Holiday Season

How to Provide Excellent Customer Service This Holiday Season

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For small business owners, the holidays can be a “make or break it” time of year. Some companies go overboard with displays, decorations, and even price reductions, while overlooking the most important thing of all: customer satisfaction. You can have a great store with incredible merchandise. Unless your customers walk out completely satisfied, this holiday season will be a bust. Knowing that, consider the following tips.

Without training, your staff will be helpless. 

Properly train both permanent and temporary sales staff. This ensures that every customer receives the same exceptional service. Make sure salespeople know how much they should handle before asking for assistance. This will help diffuse tense situations, and give employees the confidence they need to succeed.

Remember, sometimes customers just need to vent.

Instead of viewing conflict as a personal attack, understand that this can be a stressful time of year. Especially during the holiday season, try to be emphatic. Never minimize the customer’s concern, and work towards finding a quick resolution. Empower your sales team to make decisions while remaining customer-focused.

Don’t under-deliver.

Promise less, deliver more. Know your inventory, and run promotions within your means. Never disrupt your bottom line. Understand the customer, and what kind of deals they’re looking for. Go the extra mile, and reward loyal customers via SMS. In addition to monetary discounts, also encourage your staff to go above and beyond in creating a positive customer experience. Help elderly shoppers load up their vehicles. Provide a kiddie corner, where parents can drop off children while they shop.

Final tip: To prevent problems from arising, make sure that all store policies are clearly posted throughout your establishment. For instance, if you only make exchanges for store credit, post it. When it comes to the hustle and the bustle of the holiday season, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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