How to Fight Text Message Spam

How to Fight Text Message Spam

text message spam

You’ve probably all experienced it. One new text notification from a random number you don’t recognize. This number can either be a five digit short code (71771) or ten digit long code (273-381-8199.) Either way, it’s definitely not welcomed communication. Maybe it has something to do with payday loans or work from home opportunities. It’s total spam. It’s not relevant, and now you’re annoyed. Not all companies decide to abide by the rules set under text marketing compliance.

At Slick Text, we want to educate our customers on how to avoid text spam. Our service doesn’t associate with any of these messages, nor do we allow customers looking to send these blasts use our platform.

What do you do when you receive unwanted and/or invasive messages?

1. First things first, reply STOP. At the bare minimum, this will cease all future communication. Failure to do so keeps that door open for further messaging. By not nipping this problem in the bud, you will continue to receive unwanted messages.

2. In the future, be careful about what brands you interact with. Don’t put your phone number in any online widget, unless you’re certain you want to receive communication from that business. Additionally, don’t give an unknown texter access to personal information. Some spammers will promise free gifts or money in exchange for a reply containing sensitive information. Don’t fall to the temptation.

3. If messages from this number continue to become a problem, file a complaint with the FTC/FCC or block this number at the carrier level.

Our text message marketing platform marries innovation with usability. We don’t condone, encourage, or allow text message spam. Instead, we pride ourselves on developing features that challenge the industry, yet still remain compliant and easy to use. Give us a ring at 1.800.688.6290 to learn more, or shoot us an email at Ready to jump right in? Head over to our pricing page and sign up for your free plan.

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