Spice Up Your SMS Marketing Offers with These 3 Tips

Spice Up Your SMS Marketing Offers with These 3 Tips

SMS marketing offers

With SMS marketing, you must make sure each campaign creates value. Failure to recognize this important concept will result in low redemption rates, and eventually, a high number of opt outs. But, did you know there are different types of offers? Although redemption is the ultimate goal, there can always be a secondary purpose behind each offer.

Send out an offer that strictly rewards subscriber loyalty. 

This offer is exclusive to your SMS marketing list. No other customers can redeem this offer.

Example: Hometown Grille wants to thank you for your business! Stop down before Friday, 9/11 and show this text for one free appetizer, no purchase necessary.

Send out a text that gives customers early bird access to a storewide sale.

Maybe you want to reward all customers with a storewide sale. After all, this encourages people to come out in droves, and ultimately, increases your bottom line. You can still provide your SMS subscribers with an extra VIP bonus. Allow them early bird access.

Example: Our storewide 50% off Black Friday sale starts tomorrow at 3PM! Want exclusive  early bird access? Stop down today after 5PM and show this text to get 50% off your purchase. 

Send out an offer with timely information or an announcement.

For the most part, we recommend staying away from SMS as a sole communication source. Whenever possible, include an offer with all announcements.

Example: We’ll be closed for 14 days starting 12/17. Get your last minute holiday orders in today, and show this text for $5 off your purchase.

Although this is just then tip of the iceberg, it gives you a great start. Remember, as long as you’re rewarding subscribers with some sort of VIP, exclusive offer or information; you’re doing SMS right.

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