Our SMS Marketing Software Offers These 4 Benefits

Our SMS Marketing Software Offers These 4 Benefits

SMS marketing software

It’s not just about our feature loaded SMS marketing software. Actually, it’s much more than that. We support our customers in many different ways. Whether it’s readily available account support, or easy to understand, expert level education; we’ve got your back.

Here’s some benefits you reap after signing up with Slick Text.

You get 90 day access to rollover messages.

At Slick Text, we believe in getting what you pay for. If you paid for 500 texts, and only used 200, we’ll roll those extra 300 over into your next month. Your rollover messages are good for 90 days following the month they were purchased.

We offer unparalleled customer support.

You call, we answer. You email, we respond. We genuinely want you to experience success with our platform. We won’t just “take your money and run.” We’re here for you every step of the way; from your first subscriber to your five hundredth.

You can upgrade or downgrade at any time.

With Slick Text, there’s no contracts or hidden charges. You can upgrade or downgrade at your convenience. If you signed up for a paid plan, but decided you’d rather step back and educate yourself before making more of an investment, then feel free to try our free plan instead. Familiarize yourself with SMS best practices. When you take time to educate yourself on the ins and outs of SMS, your results will exceed your efforts.

We make constant innovation a priority. 

We regularly add to our loaded feature list. We’re always making improvements to the customer dashboard. We offer one of the most user friendly platforms in the industry. We’re always on the lookout for improvements.

Give us a call at 1.800.688.6290 to learn more, or simply head over to our pricing page and sign up for your free plan. Our SMS marketing software is easy to use and offers multiple “set it and forget it” options. If you have more detailed questions shoot us an email at info@slicktext.com. No matter what, we want you to experience success with our service.

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