How to Encourage Above Average SMS Offer Redemption

How to Encourage Above Average SMS Offer Redemption

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What makes SMS marketing a go to method?

This is an easy question with an awesome answer. The SMS open rate is inarguably the best in the industry. Over 90% of all text messages are read within five minutes of delivery or less. The closest in competition is email, with an average open rate of 30% or less.

Now, if you’re using SMS to send out high value offers to your loyal and engaged subscribers, how exactly do you capitalize on redemption?

Here’s a few quick tips.

Get right to the point.

Don’t hem and haw, or drone on with fluffy language. Keep your text simple and offer-centric. This isn’t a meet and greet, nor is it a way for you to “keep in touch.” Your subscribers opted in to get exclusive offers, so give them what they want.

Know your customers, and what kinds of offers they find appealing.

If you’re offering a deep discount, but it’s on a product with low demand … your redemption rate will be low. Know your customers, and what offers they would rush to redeem.

Don’t forget your call to action.

As silly as it sounds … some people get so excited to fire out their offer, they forget redemption instructions. For example, “Get $50 off your order of $150 or more, in-store this weekend!” You’re still going to have people wanting to redeem, but you’d get better results if you added something like “Show this text at checkout to redeem your offer.

Set a limited window of redemption.

When you set an expiration date, you create a sense of urgency. This easily increases offer redemption, as your promo becomes something that must be claimed right now, instead of put off until later.

We want to show you the power of texting your customers. In addition to being a cost effective mobile marketing method, it also drastically increases customer engagement and brand loyalty. Who can argue with that? If you want to learn more, give us a call at 1.800.688.6290 or shoot us an email, If you’re ready to jump right in and get started, head over to our pricing page and sign up for the free plan.

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