Yes or No: Does Text Marketing Apply in this Situation?

Yes or No: Does Text Marketing Apply in this Situation?


Although we’re huge fans of text messaging (that goes without saying,) this is still a permission based marketing method. You can’t text customers whenever you feel like it. But sometimes, the lines get blurred, and our account holders have a difficult time understanding the difference between personal, one on one communication and mass marketing messages. Today, we decided to put the decision making power in your hands. Read through this article, and let us know: does text marketing apply in this situation?

You’ve owned your wedding dress boutique for just over a decade. In that time, you gathered 800+ numbers. Brides fill out a new customer sign up sheet after their first fitting. Having their cell number really helps, especially as it gets closer to their big day. You can give them a buzz about alterations and schedule any last minute consultations. You’re running a special promo this week: $300 off any dress that’s $5,000 or more. You’re looking to clean house, and welcome fresh inventory. The more eyes you can get on this offer, the better.

Can you text your customers, both past and current, to let them know about this deal? Even if their big day has already come and gone, can you still encourage them to spread the word to recently engaged girlfriends? This is a tricky situation, and one we run into quite frequently.

Think you know the answer? Comment below, and see how much you really understand text marketing compliance.

P.S. Want to try text marketing for your business? Give us a ring at 1.800.688.6290, or shoot us an email at We focus on teaching our customers how to text the right way. It’s not about overwhelming your subscribers with mobile discounts. Instead, it’s about regularly and consistently firing out exclusive discounts to permission based opt ins. This is the core best practice behind all text marketing efforts.

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