With SMS Marketing, It’s Not Just About the Text

With SMS Marketing, It’s Not Just About the Text

SMS marketing tips

Most think that SMS marketing consists of just one thing: the actual text. Although this is part of the equation, there’s definitely more that goes into SMS success. You can’t just go firing out random texts to your customers whenever you please. If you’re an SMS marketing newbie, follow this simple three step process.

First things first, decide on an irresistible offer. We’re not just talking 10% off, or $10 off your purchase of $150 or more. Make sure your promo isn’t just so-so. That’s a complete waste of time for everyone involved. Instead, find something that encourages instant redemption.

Next, figure out a promotional method that resonates with your customers. Would they react to an in store flyer? Maybe a Facebook post will do the trick. No matter what, make sure customers know about your mobile VIP club. If they don’t know, all your SMS efforts will be in vain.

Finally, track your SMS marketing results. Sure, you might “think” you’re experiencing a great ROI, but that might not always be the case. Let’s say you fire out a promo to 100 people, and in the first hour, 5 stop in to redeem. Initially, that might seem like a rush, but if only five total redeem that offer … it wasn’t the greatest.

Each of these facets are crucial to SMS success. Don’t let opportunity slip through the cracks by ignoring these steps. Ready to give SMS a try for your business?

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