What You Need to Know About Legally Texting Your Customers

What You Need to Know About Legally Texting Your Customers

legally texting your customers

The whole “texting your customers” concept is still a bit fuzzy for most business owners. But don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for. We’ll educate you on the nitty gritty basics of text marketing, so you can text customers the right way.

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act essentially prevents spammers from taking advantage of uninterested recipients. It restricts telephone solicitations (i.e., telemarketing) and the use of automated telephone equipment.

Although you might hear mention of the CTIA (The Wireless Association) or MMA (Mobile Marketing Association), the TCPA is the actual law that governs text messaging.

When it comes to small business owners wanting to give text messaging a try, here’s the most common concern.

“I’ve collected tons of numbers from customers. Can I add these numbers to my list?”

Well, it really depends. When you collected this information, did you explicitly state that you’d be texting out marketing messages? If this was not made clear, either via checkbox or verbal confirmation, you cannot add these numbers to your list. For example, let’s say when you first opened, you had a contact info sheet at the checkout counter. If customers wanted to receive more information about weekly promotions, they could add their name, email, and phone number to that list. Now, if on the bottom of that list, you had some sort of compliance statement, you’d be good to go.

If you just collected phone numbers to build a customer contact database, but never made mention of text alerts, you cannot add these numbers to your text marketing list. This is the black and white truth that governs text marketing compliance. Because this is a permission based marketing method, you must respect the privacy of your customers. And that is how you legally add customers to your text marketing list.

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