Use Text Messages to Build Digital Authority for Your Blog

Use Text Messages to Build Digital Authority for Your Blog

SMS marketing gains trust

You’re a digital influencer, and the social realm seems packed. You try to syndicate content across all platforms, but to no avail, you’re getting less than a dozen reads a day. Is your content bad? Not necessarily. Maybe your promotional channel just needs to be tweaked. Instead of blasting social feeds with dozens of article links a day, how about doing a weekly text message roundup?

Here’s one of our favorite SMS statistics.

Over 90% of all texts are opened and read within 5 minutes or less.

What if 90% of blog subscribers engaged with your content on a weekly basis? That would be insane, right? Now, here’s a question. How can you make this hopeful stat a reality? Once a week, pick out the posts that received the most engagement. This can be unique views, social shares, etc. Different bloggers measure engagement in different ways, so figure out what works for you.

Then, fire out a text message updating subscribers. This will be your weekly “best of the best.” Now, before going buck wild, let’s review some texting best practices.

  • Stick to one text a week.
  • Do a weekly roundup blog post, and then text out one link to that article. Don’t put 6 different links in one text message.
  • Remember, your blog subscribers must first express opt in consent. Pick a keyword, and have loyal readers text to join.
  • Text on a schedule. Maybe every Friday at 3 P.M. you fire out the roundup. No matter what, make sure subscribers are anticipating this message.

Want to learn more? Give us a ring at 1.800.688.6290. Not necessarily a phone person? No worries. Shoot an email to, or hop on live chat and have a conversation with one of our helpful reps. With text marketing, you can go from digital nobody to authoritative figure in no time. You just have to focus on (a) creating valuable content and (b) picking a promotional channel that matches your user.

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