Unlock Your SMS Marketing Potential with These 3 Tips

Unlock Your SMS Marketing Potential with These 3 Tips

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Small business owners are obsessed with our texting solutions. And, rightfully so. It’s affordable, immediate, and offers a great ROI. If you’re going to use SMS, why not make the most of it? Maximize your mobile marketing spend with these 3 simple tips.

Stay consistent.

If you regularly fire out offers on Wednesdays, stick with this schedule. The only time you should change it up? If you see that people aren’t responding to this time slot. But, if you’re getting a good return, and customers have commented on receiving your offers, then Wednesdays it is.

Prioritize value.

If your offers aren’t irresistible, don’t even bother. You shouldn’t be firing out so-so offers. Stay away from the standard 10% off, as this is something that can easily be obtained outside your SMS marketing list. All SMS offers should be exclusive to your list. Try something like buy one, get one free or a text to win contest that offers an appealing grand prize.

Get right to the point.

State the offer, redemption details, and then include your call to action. That’s it. You don’t need spicy sales copy. You don’t need to drone on and on for an entire paragraph. People opted in to your list because they wanted to claim unique and valuable offers. So, to put it simply, give the people what they want. Don’t delay.

Partner up with an SMS provider that focuses on your growth. We’ll never push you into something you can’t afford. In fact, we offer our free plan for this very reason. Give us a ring at 1.800.688.6290 to learn more, shoot us an email at info@slicktext.com, or head over to our pricing page and sign up. Our feature rich platform makes SMS marketing success borderline inevitable. Work closely with us from day one, and we’ll make sure you get results.

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