How Small Business Owners Keep Their SMS Strategy Simple

How Small Business Owners Keep Their SMS Strategy Simple

SMS marketing and small business owners

You’re a small business owner. You pride yourself on developing unique relationships with local customers, and making sure your product or service meets their needs. How do you feel about being knee deep in marketing strategy? Probably not a huge fan. Here’s a few tips that will help you weed out unnecessary planning, and just focus on tackling advanced SMS marketing strategies with ease.

1. Know your customers. Remember, their needs can be dynamic.

Purchasing behavior will regularly shift. As trends come and go, the wants and needs of the general population will fluctuate. You can’t just assume that customers will continue to want the same product, the same way, at the same time. Demand is bound to change, and you have to embrace this shift with a complimentary product line.

2. Don’t get stuck in old ways.

Maybe your radio efforts used to work wonders. Ten years ago, your father could double daily business with one spot. But, times are changing. And as a business owner, you must acknowledge this transition.

3. Sometimes, you have to spend money to make money.

Analyze every opportunity. Don’t turn something away because you might have to spend a dollar or two more outside your budget. Now, on the flip side, don’t be foolish about your financials. Give yourself a little wiggle room, but don’t go spending $250 when you only budgeted $25.

4. Value, respect, and empower your employees. 

Don’t try to be a one man/woman show. It won’t work. Eventually, you have to delegate most, if not all, of your responsibilities to employees. Put systems in place that set crystal clear expectations.

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