How This Haunted Attraction Got a 3142% ROI from 1 Text

How This Haunted Attraction Got a 3142% ROI from 1 Text

Kersey Valley Spookywoods

Located in Archdale, North Carolina, Kersey Valley’s Spookywoods is a proud member of America Haunts. It’s been featured as a top 13 haunted house on USA Today,  ABC News, Travel Channel, and Forbes Magazine, to name a few.

Last week, we caught up with Tony Wohlgemuth, head of marketing at Kersey Valley Spookywoods.

Since 2014, Tony has been expanding and growing his SMS list with ease. How? First, he identified his target market. Next, he advertised in areas with interested fans and potential customers. This two part strategy helped him gather thousands of subscribers in a matter of months. Every week, Tony ran one interactive text-to-win contest. The prize? Two free tickets to that week’s event. This strategy rocket launched growth and secured a large list of qualified subscribers.

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Even better news? His latest campaign boasted a 3142% return on investment.

On 9/1/16 Tony said,

“I sent out one text to my fans this week.  It cost me $350 to upgrade my plan to 10,000 texts.  I sent out just under 9,000 texts to buy Spookywoods Early Bird $15 tickets now, only 3 days left.  I grossed over $11,000 in sales from that one text!

The Text Message

Spookywoods VIP Exclusive: Save $10 on Early Bird Spookywoods tickets until August 31st.  Buy Now

The Response

The campaign was sent on 8/28/16 at 1:35 P.M. to 8,762 targeted subscribers. Spookywoods hit $10,000 in sales by the 3rd day. On the final day, 40 minutes before the offer ended, they had reached over $11,000 in sales. When you take the initial $350 investment, and divide it into $11,000, you get a jaw-dropping 3142% ROI.

Why such a good response? In previous campaigns, Tony limited the number of tickets available for purchase. This encouraged an instant response, and his offers sold out in minutes. But, this also limited the amount of sales he could obtain. In this SMS campaign, the goal was to provide an exclusive offer that was limited by time, not quantity.

Tony left his offer open for 5 days. Only VIP text list members knew about it. He created a unique link for early access, which helped him accurately track ROI. This link brought subscribers right to the shopping cart, which put them in the optimal position to buy.

Tony’s Final Stamp of Approval

“We have NEVER sold so many tickets in August in our 31 year history!”

– Tony Wohlgemuth