Avoid Annoying Customers By Following These 3 Texting Rules

Avoid Annoying Customers By Following These 3 Texting Rules

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If done incorrectly, any marketing method can annoy customers. Too many email blasts, radio ads, social media updates … you get the idea. How can you avoid irritating text marketing subscribers? Follow these three rules.

Don’t take your eyes off the prize.

Business owners want to make money. Customers want to spend money. Simple as that. This one fact alone is your common ground. When texting customers, stay on topic. Don’t muddy the message with a long, cordial greeting. Don’t overwhelm subscribers with text slang or jargon. Speak in your brand voice, but keep the message simple, clear and concise. Remember, your message represents a business. This isn’t a personal text from the owner. It’s a VIP text offer.

Wrong: Hey guys! This is Sam from BBQ Grill. I want to offer you 20% off, and THANKU 4 ur business. Stop in today, and show this text for a discount on any bulk rib order order over $50. As usual, we appreciate your support!!

Right: Stop in at BBQ Grill and show this text for 20% off your order of $50 or more. Valid TODAY ONLY.

Create a sense of urgency in all text campaigns.

Don’t leave an offer open ended. Set a specific expiration. If there’s no sense of urgency, customers won’t rush to redeem. This will result in poor campaign performance, which then skews your ROI. As a business owner, always focus on offer redemption.

Stay consistent with your communication.

Stick to a schedule. Don’t text subscribers at 9 A.M. Wednesday morning one week, and then 11 P.M. Saturday night the next. This will definitely annoy customers, and decrease the effectiveness of campaigns. If customers know when to expect offers, they’ll budget accordingly. This helps your cause, as subscribers will be ready to buy when they receive the text.

P.S. Here’s an extra tip. Make sure offers are valuable. Don’t send out meh, so-so promos. It’s a complete waste of time.

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