Accelerating Your Text Marketing List Growth

Accelerating Your Text Marketing List Growth

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You signed up for our service. Check. You reserved your textword. Check. You decided on an irresistible opt in incentive. Check, check, check. Now what? It’s time to grow your list. Without subscribers, your SMS efforts are kinda pointless. But, have no fear. Growing your list is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

So, how do you get customers to sign up?

1. Before advertising your list, make sure the opt in incentive is the best of the best.
Shy away from generic, basic offers. 10% off? Yeah, not so much. Instead, go for an instant discount. People love immediate gratification. For example, “Text DEALS to 31996 for $5 off today’s purchase.

2. Ask yourself, “What promotional methods will catch my customers’ attention?”
Don’t waste time promoting your list on irrelevant channels. For example, if you’re tweeting text to join instructions every hour, but only have 10 followers on Twitter … kinda pointless.

3. Develop marketing materials.
Whether it’s table tents, in store flyers, or an eye-catching Facebook post — focus on creating marketing materials that pop. Just typing up text to join info on a white piece of paper and tacking it to your cash register won’t do. (Hint hint: you can do better than that.) For example, spend $20 and get glossy cards printed. Put in an effort. This is the best way to ensure list growth.

4. Promote like crazy.
Talk about it. Post about it. Write about it. Whatever you have to do, make sure list promotion is a priority — at least for the first month or so.

Now, if growth isn’t taking off, it could be one of two issues.

  • Your opt in incentive sucks.
    If your offer isn’t jaw-dropping, it won’t work. Remember, giving away personal digits is kinda a big deal. Customers won’t just hand them over for a so-so offer. Questioning the value of your incentive? Test out other options, and see if the response rate changes.
  • Your promotional methods aren’t resonating with customers.
    If you’re printing off in store flyers, but 80% of your revenue comes from online sales, you’re barking up the wrong tree.

Join forces with a text service that cares about your progress. Your growth and success are our #1 priority. If you’re not blown away by your SMS results, then what’s the point? Ready to learn more? Give us a ring at 1.800.688.6290 or shoot us an email at We love “set it and forget it” functionality. Our feature rich platform focuses on automation and switch on, switch off usability. We don’t want you to spending hours on end, racking your brain over your text campaigns.

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