4 Questions That Help You Fine Tune Your SMS Promos

4 Questions That Help You Fine Tune Your SMS Promos

SMS marketing offer development

You’re ready to send out your first campaign. Before you get too deep into offer development, ask yourself these 3 questions. Remember, if you offers aren’t valuable, you won’t observe great redemption rates. Take a few minutes to run through this checklist before firing out your first promo. You won’t regret it.

1. Will my SMS marketing subscribers find this offer valuable?

If subscribers don’t find your offer irresistible, your SMS efforts are a total waste of time. Think of it this way. Do you think vegetarians want to receive burger promos? Nope, not at all. Remember this rule during the offer development process. Your promo should be valuable and irresistible. If not, you’re failing to maximize your SMS marketing spend.

2. Is my window of redemption reasonable?

Are you giving subscribers enough time to redeem? If you own a brick and mortar, this is especially important. Set a limited expiration, but don’t pressure people to make a purchase. Doing so could damage customer loyalty, and ultimately, destroy your business. These bad habits discourage repeat customers. The best advice we can give you? Find a happy medium. Usually a 24 to 48 hour redemption window will do the trick.

3. Do I have enough inventory/staff to support this offer?

Let’s say the offer blows up. Sales are shooting through the roof. Can you handle this load? For example, if you’re running a blueberry pie special, but only have makings for 4 pies … this might not be the best idea. A great offer will quickly flop if you can’t give customers what you promised. Now, if you do have limited quantities, be transparent. State that in your text message. Something like “Limited to the first 50 customers” is honest and will also spur engagement.

P.S. Don’t forget to measure your SMS marketing success after each campaign. Then you will know if subscribers find your offers valuable.

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