Increase Meal Ticket Totals at Your Restaurant with SMS

Increase Meal Ticket Totals at Your Restaurant with SMS

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Let’s say you’re already a Slick Text customer. You send out weekly campaigns, and see a great return. But, you’re looking for more. You want to up the ante a bit, and see what SMS can really do for your business. If that’s the case, here’s a few tips that will help you increase meal ticket totals at your restaurant.

1. Text out a link to an online ordering system.

Already have a mobile app or online ordering option? Give subscribers a little nudge with a text message that boasts an incredible offer, and then a link to claim this deal.

It might look something like this.

From now to 9PM, all medium pizzas at Jimmy’s Pies are only $5! Order Now: 

That shortened link will then take the subscriber right to an ordering page.

2. Tap into the knowledge of your millennial employees.

Currently, four out of five millennials own a smartphone. This is a statistic you just can’t ignore. Don’t be afraid to do a little market research. Ask your employees: “What kind of deals would you rush to redeem? When would you like to receive meal promotions? How much are you willing to spend on item A, B, C?”

3. Integrate text messaging with other favorable technologies and marketing channels.

A recent survey suggests that millennials aren’t impressed with restaurant’s current use of technology. In fact, they think all businesses could be making better use of mobile functionality.

To expand, “When asked by the survey to evaluate their company’s use of technology, 32.5 percent of U.S employees agreed with the statement “I thought they made bad use of technology.”

Taking that into consideration, promote your SMS list on social media. Fire out an email that holds text to join instructions. Build a marketing web of communication using this easy to navigate technology.

Join forces with an SMS marketing service that prioritizes innovation. We’re constantly streamlining our platform, and loading it up with features that make Slick Text the best choice. Give us a ring at 1.800.688.6290 to learn more, or head over to our pricing page and sign up for a free plan.

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