Compliance 101: Don’t Let These Campaigns Slip Through the Cracks

Compliance 101: Don’t Let These Campaigns Slip Through the Cracks

SMS marketing

At Slick Text, we preach SMS marketing compliance. We want you to have an in depth understanding of what you can and cannot do. If done correctly, your SMS efforts will easily help grow your business. But, if you step outside CTIA regulations, you will slow your progress. Are there always exceptions to the rules? Yes, absolutely. But, that doesn’t mean you should step outside these clear boundary lines. These rules are set for a reason. Unlike personal text communication, text marketing is strictly meant to promote the sale of (legal) products or services. Outside of this, there really are few to no exceptions.

Do not use text messaging to promote any of the following content:

  • Sale or possession of firearms
  • Marijuana or drug related paraphernalia 
  • Discriminatory or hate based language
  • Tobacco/alcohol/hard liquor

You must also stay away from picture messages that harbor any of this content. Don’t try to sneak in a shortened link to inappropriate content either. This will easily get your account flagged, and depending on the nature of the content, possibly shut down.

In addition to following compliance standards, make sure all of your messages include the following.

  1. Some sort of exclusive value (in the form of information or an offer)
  2. A direct call to action
  3. A clear offer expiration

Partner up with an SMS marketing provider that wants to see you succeed. Give us a call at 1.800.688.6290 to learn more or shoot us an email, We urge you to stay away from these prohibited topics. If we catch wind of it on our platform, we will have to shut down your account. But even worse, if you’re caught by the CTIA and FCC, there will surely be more severe consequences. So, let’s avoid all that yucky mess by just staying within the set compliance standards.

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