Chow Down on These 12 Restaurant Marketing Tips [Infographic]

Chow Down on These 12 Restaurant Marketing Tips [Infographic]

The restaurant business can be pretty cutthroat – at least that’s what we’ve heard. We want to help out. On top of offering an affordable SMS marketing solution, we put together this helpful infographic titled, “Chow Down on These 12 Restaurant Marketing Tips.”

When looking for small business marketing solutions, prioritize the following.

1. Affordability

You probably have limited marketing spend, and that’s expected. As a small business owner, you shouldn’t have to drop hundreds of hard earned revenue on promoting your restaurant. Set a marketing budget, and stick to it.

2. Ease of Use

You’re a business owner, not a marketing expert. Focus on what you’re good at, and then look for marketing solutions that play off your strengths. For example, if you’re personally obsessed with Facebook (you have it on your phone and check your News Feed every hour), why not set up a business page too?

3. “Set It and Forget It” Functionality 

Our service offers “one switch on, all hands off” functionality. Most of our features boast this ease of use, as we want you, the restaurant owner, to feel completely comfortable owning your account activity. You shouldn’t have to tinker with your marketing tactics on a daily basis. Look for automated solutions.

4. Reasonable  ROI

Right out of the gate, you shouldn’t expect an immediate ROI. That’s just not how most marketing solutions work. But, at the same time, you should look for methods that are worth your time and investment. Don’t spend money on something that just isn’t giving back more than what you put in.

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