Advanced SMS Campaign Optimization Techniques

Advanced SMS Campaign Optimization Techniques

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There’s not one thing that will drastically increase offer redemption and campaign engagement. If you want to heighten your SMS marketing results, give these tweaks a try. More high level tactics can be found in our Advanced Guide to SMS Marketing.

1. Insert a unique promo code into your outbound campaign.

Our unique promo code feature auto generates one time use promo codes. This ensures that each redemption is exclusive to the user.

2. Gather customer interest with link tracking.

Use our link shortener to track link clicks and campaign engagement. For example, let’s say you own a restaurant. You have an online ordering option, and fire out a message that reads, “Tonight only, 2 medium pizzas for $9. Order Now” Now, if you send this campaign to 100 subscribers, and the link itself gets clicked 72 times, you can assume this is an awesome offer.

3. Give A/B testing a try.

Questioning the appeal of your offer or the wording of your message? Split your subscriber list in half, and fire out two different campaigns. Keep in mind, your results will be the most accurate when only one variable is changed. For example, if you’re test driving two different calls to action, keep the actual offer the same.

4. Use time sensitive calls to action.

Take a look at the following two campaigns.

Campaign A: Show this text to get $5 off your next Leather Outlet purchase of $30 or more.

Campaign B: Show this text to get $5 off your next Leather Outlet purchase of $30 or more, deal ends tomorrow at 3PM!

Which do you think is more effective? If you have one marketing bone in your body, you’ll choose campaign B. This sense of urgency encourages immediate redemption.

Partner up with an SMS marketing service that encourages your success. Give us a ring at 1.800.688.6290 to learn more, or head over to our pricing page and sign up for a free plan. Our feature rich platform prioritizes your list growth, campaign engagement, and subscriber satisfaction.

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