The 4 Point Checklist for Restaurants Using Text Marketing

The 4 Point Checklist for Restaurants Using Text Marketing

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We work with thousands of restaurants nationwide. Want to get the most bang for your buck with SMS? Follow this checklist. These 4 tips will help you maximize your text marketing ROI.

1. Decide on an instant win opt in incentive.

People love instant gratification. They don’t want to jump through hoops for a reward. For example, customers are much more likely to join your list if they know they’ll receive an instant $2 or $3 off their purchase.

2. Educate staff about your mobile VIP program.

Your employees are your greatest resource. They can spread the news about your mobile VIP club while interacting with patrons.

Bonus: If you do an instant win incentive, employees can use this to open up the conversation with customers. When dropping off the check, they might say, “Would you like to get $3 off tonight’s bill?”

3. Make use of your space.

If you don’t promote your text marketing list, it won’t grow. People can’t join if they don’t even know it exists, right? Keep your diners informed with flyers, table tents, and more. Upon entering your restaurant, every single customer should see promotions for your text list.

4. Schedule your campaigns out a month in advance.

Don’t wait till the last minute. Decide on your weekly rewards at least 30 days in advance. This gives you time to go back and make changes. Last minute offer development isn’t a good idea, as it might not be the best representation of your company and what you have to offer.

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