3 Offer Ideas for Your First Text Campaign

3 Offer Ideas for Your First Text Campaign

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You’re ready to text out deals, but drawing a blank when its comes to offer creation. Get started with these few ideas. If done correctly, they’re sure to spike subscriber engagement and offer redemption. No matter what, make sure you’re offering something that can be seen as incredibly valuable to the subscriber.

1. Buy One, Get One Free 

This usually takes form in a “show this text” promotion. Subscribers must visit the establishment, and show their text to an employee to take advantage of the discount. This offer is most commonly seen with restaurants.

Example: Show this text at Jack’s Grill to get one free appetizer with the purchase of any entree. Tonight only, no exclusions!

Note that this message includes the business name, a valuable offer, call to action, and expiration date.

2. Instant $$ Off

People want instant gratification. It makes the offer that much more appealing. Redemption rates will skyrocket with a promotion of this nature. Remember, make sure your call to action is simple and to the point.

Example: Want $3 off your burger? Stop down to Barry’s Beef Haven, and show this text to instantly redeem. Good until Friday.

3. Limited Time Mobile Coupons

This new feature allows you to fire out self hosted text mobile coupons to your text marketing subscribers. These coupons are decked out with an expiration ticker, click to call functionality, directions, and more. Each mobile coupon can also be dressed up with an editorial image that truly sells your product.

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