3 Horrible SMS Marketing Campaign Ideas

3 Horrible SMS Marketing Campaign Ideas

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Sometimes it’s not about what you do, but instead what you avoid. Want to get the most out of your SMS marketing list? Steer clear of these 3 campaign concepts. Each of these directions will devalue your list and cause low subscriber engagement.

Sending out a quick hello or just “checking in.”

Hi guys! The team at Joe’s Shake Shack appreciates your business.

Save the water cooler conversation for social media. People don’t want to receive marketing messages along the lines of “hey, what’s up?” It’s a total waste of time. If you want to thank subscribers for their loyal business, do it via offer. This is one of the most commonly known SMS best practices. For example, attach a coupon code to the end of the above campaign, and you’re golden.

Duplicating an offer that already exists.

So you fire out a 20% off coupon code. On the surface, this sounds pretty sweet. But, when subscribers do a bit more digging, they realize this offer can already be found on your Facebook business page. Kinda defeats the purpose of an SMS marketing list, right? You want your subscribers to feel like VIPs. Duplicating offers across platforms is a total no no, and only devalues your list.

Firing out a so so promotion.

TODAY ONLY! Show this text for $5 off your order of $100 or more.

Although this offer might be exclusive, it’s definitely not irresistible. Subscribers won’t drop everything to redeem, and we don’t blame them. These types of campaigns encourage gradual opt outs, as subscribers will get sick of receiving mediocre messages.

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