Your Auto Reply Can Make or Break List Engagement

Your Auto Reply Can Make or Break List Engagement

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Your auto reply can make or break list engagement. If it’s jumbled, boasts a poor offer, and doesn’t accurately represent your brand, you might be shooting yourself in the foot. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so make sure to meet the expectations of your subscribers. If you let them down, your efforts will totally be in vain. Here’s a few things to avoid when putting together your first auto reply. Some of these standards come straight from our tried and true best practice recommendations.

1. You fail to include opt in incentive details.

If people are opting in to your list, expecting a certain reward for their engagement, you better come through. Clearly state offer redemption details in your auto reply.

2. You include the details, but make subscribers jump through hoops to redeem.

Don’t overcomplicate the redemption process. Make sure your instructions are crystal clear. If you own a brick and mortar location, opt for a “show this text” call to action. If you’re promoting an online offer, include the applicable coupon code.

3. You misled subscribers, and now aren’t giving away exactly what you promised.

Don’t offer a 50% discount, and then in your auto reply, include a bunch of exceptions and disclaimers. Be clear, transparent, and fair.

4. You don’t take advantage of our dynamic expiration feature. 

With this feature, our system automatically calculates a new expiration date for every message sent out. For example, let’s say you want your auto reply offer to expire seven days after delivery. Instead of “You have one week to claim this deal!” just put “This offer expires on {EXP7}.” Our system will fill in the date for you.

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