Text Marketing Campaign Additions That Encourage Immediate Redemption

Text Marketing Campaign Additions That Encourage Immediate Redemption

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By now, you probably know the value of an irresistible text marketing offer. In addition, we want to show you how important the language and details surrounding your offer are. Here are three easy additions that make the world of a difference when it comes to offer redemption. Add two or three to your campaigns, and watch as redemption soars.

Limited Quantities  

This creates a heightened sense of urgency. If subscribers know that the promo isn’t a bottomless pit, and has some sort of limit, they will rush to claim your offer. You don’t have to get specific. Even just the phrase “limited quantities” will incite action.

Set Expiration

Don’t leave an open ended redemption window. Limit it to 48 hours or less. A week long redemption window will just delay the process, and people will end up putting off redemption and forgetting about your offer.

Extra Bonus for First X Redemptions

Something like “we’re giving away a $5 gift card to the first 25 people who redeem.” This will speed up the redemption process, and offer that much more value to your subscriber. You can really never have too much value.

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