Leveraging Text Marketing for Your Own Business Growth

Leveraging Text Marketing for Your Own Business Growth

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Remember, not everyone knows what text marketing is. (This is a truth we have to acknowledge sometimes ourselves!) You can’t assume that your customers, your staff, and your marketing team are 100% familiar with this concept. When educating others about this cool tactic, keep these few tips in mind.

It’s not about quantity; it’s more about quality.

You can send out 20 offers a month (by the way, we don’t recommend that!); but if all the offers are “so so”, you won’t be providing much value to your text marketing subscribers. Focus on one of a kind offers that scream value.

Take note of which offers get results.

If you have one or two offers that are hitting it out of the park, you should make more use of this promotion. If it’s broke, then fix it. This means that if your offer just isn’t getting great engagement, let it go. You need to give your subscribers something they can really sink their teeth into. If it doesn’t inspire immediate action, you can do better.

Finally, don’t shy away from constructive feedback.

You need to know what people think of your offers. Don’t be afraid to ask for an honest opinion. Every single campaign needs to be premium quality, or else why bother? If not, it’s a waste of time on all different fronts. The subscriber won’t like it, you won’t get results, and everyone will be left completely unsatisfied.

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