How to Spruce Up Call to Actions in Text Campaigns

How to Spruce Up Call to Actions in Text Campaigns

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What separates a marketing success from a marketing failure? One word: testing. If you aren’t comparing methods and campaigns, how will you truly know if you’re experiencing maximum success? Here’s a few little tips and tricks to get you started.

Spruce up “Shop Now” with a few extra words that create a sense of urgency. Instead of just saying “Shop Now,” add “Shop Now, Limited Quantities!” Want to take it one step further? Tag it with a more specific deadline. Maybe try “Shop Now, Sale Ends at Midnight.” More than anything else, you want to create a sense of urgency that makes the next step inevitable.

In addition, don’t use a call to action “just because.” For example, “Learn More” is an overused call to action. It doesn’t really jump off the page. After all, most people don’t even find the concept of “learning” all that appealing.

Try “Get More Info” or “Get the Details.” These are a bit more out of the box, and will catch the eye of an otherwise bored reader.

If your call to action doesn’t immediately resonate with the subscriber, there will be little to no action taken. And considering we’re all in the business to make money, a lack of offer redemption is definitely not ideal. It makes absolutely no sense, and is a complete waste of time. When possible, add a little CTA magic to your text marketing messages.

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