3 Rules to Note When Writing Your Text Marketing Campaign

3 Rules to Note When Writing Your Text Marketing Campaign

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It’s not just about the quality of your offers. Don’t get us wrong, that’s super important. But there’s a bit more to developing a receptive text marketing list. Before firing out your text marketing campaign, make sure you understand and abide by these 3 rules.

Set a schedule and stick to it. 

If subscribers are anticipating your offers, they’re much more likely to engage. Fire out weekly offers that hit at the same day and time.

Keep your brand voice consistent.

You never want a subscriber to receive your message, and immediately delete because they don’t recognize who it’s from. Seriously – that sounds crazy, but it happens all the time. If you load your campaign with obnoxious character styles and spammy looking language, it won’t perform.

Let’s say you regularly use formal language when composing text marketing messages. Then, one day your assistant manager decides to take over the text marketing, and offer redemption plummets. There’s a good chance that the breaking of brand voice caused this disruption.

For example, don’t go from this …

As a thanks to our valued subscribers, we’re giving you 20% off your order, today only – code THANKS.

to that …

HEY! 20% OFF, 2day only – CODE THANKS.

It will really throw off your subscribers and drastically decrease offer redemption. Heck, it might even encourage a slew of opts outs – which is something you definitely don’t want.

Triple check your scheduled messages.

First of all, we always recommend scheduling your messages at least a month in advance. Don’t send out off the cuff campaigns, as this could encourage a higher chance of error. Once your message are scheduled, hop in and give them once more read through. Remember, an error in your message could result in low offer redemption, or no redemption at all.

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