Training Your Employees to Promote Your Text Message Marketing List

Training Your Employees to Promote Your Text Message Marketing List

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You can’t grow your text message marketing list alone. As a business owner, you need help from your team. Sure, you can try to be the bread winner when it comes to your subscriber list, but it’s going to burn you out. Eventually, other administrative tasks will take over, and you’ll start neglecting this initiative. Here’s three tips that will help you encourage employees to promote your list.

Brief all employees on this mobile marketing concept. 

Here’s the key. If your employees don’t understand text message marketing, they’ll have no interest in promoting your list. Take a half day or so to fully explain the why and how. People need to understand the importance of texting in comparison to other methods.

Make it worth their while.

On top of that, you want to offer incentives. You can’t assume that every single staff member is willing to step completely outside their role, and inform customers about the benefits to joining your text list. So sweeten the pot a bit. Reward high performing employees with gift cards, time off, and more.

Tally the results.

In addition to offering incentives, publicly track your list growth, especially in terms of individual accomplishment. For example, let’s say you own a restaurant. You show each server the ins and outs of text marketing. You teach them how to promote your list in a verbal exchange.

By all means, publicly track their progress to encourage a little healthy competition. By doing this, you make every single employee feel like they’re a part of something bigger.

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