The Case for SMS Marketing is Pretty Open and Shut, Here’s Why

The Case for SMS Marketing is Pretty Open and Shut, Here’s Why

SMS marketing

We always say, SMS marketing is a non negotiable. If it’s not included in your annual marketing strategy, you’re missing out. Nowadays, everyone texts. So why not capitalize on this communication trend? Seems kinda silly not to. Here’s a few other “cases” for SMS.

Guess what? It’s totally within your budget.

You can get 500 text messages a month for only $29. Don’t believe us? Here’s the proof. If for some reason $29 a month is outside of your ideal spend, that’s totally cool. We offer a free plan for that very reason. We don’t want something as trivial as budgeting issues to prevent you from trying our service.

You can instantly touch base with hundreds, even thousands of loyal subscribers.

Our messages are sent within a matter of seconds (at the most!) Once you hit that send button, you can assume that the majority of your subscribers will read your text within five minutes after delivery.

It’s not going anywhere.

People aren’t just going to drop texting tomorrow. Pretty sure it’s here to stay. Why not take advantage of this timeless technology? Here’s the deal. If you choose to not hop on the texting bandwagon, that’s totally cool. But, don’t think your competitors will ignore this effective tactic.

SMS is the way to go – seriously. Think about the last time you didn’t open a text message. If you’re like our text obsessed team, you can’t even come up with one instance. Join forces with SMS marketing provider, Give us a ring at 1.800.688.6290 to learn more, or head over to our pricing page and sign up for a free plan. With SMS, it’s all about getting your hands dirty. Dive right in, and start by testing out different opt in incentives. Then, go back and review your results. Commit to whichever ones get the most traction.

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