The Best Way to Entice a Link Click Inside Your SMS Campaign

The Best Way to Entice a Link Click Inside Your SMS Campaign

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Considering over 90% of all text messages are opened within five minutes or less, open rates shouldn’t be your greatest concern. Subscriber are almost guaranteed to open your text message, but here’s a good question. Will they actually engage with your campaign? Will they click the links in your message? Will they redeem your offer? If thousands of subscribers open your texts, but only a handful actually engage, you definitely have a problem.

Want subscribers to click your link? Follow these three rules.

1. You must have a call to action.

If you’re promoting a webinar, your call to action might be Watch Live. If you’re sending out a promo code, you might use Shop Now. Whatever the call to action is, make sure it acts as a gateway to your link. Don’t just throw a link in your campaign with no label or identifier. This could easily make your message look like spam.

2. Make sure your link is actually, well … a link.

Even if you’re using our link shortener, test your link before sending out your campaign. The last thing you want is subscribers clicking the link, and then experiencing a 404 error. This totally destroys your brand and campaign credibility.

3. Ask yourself, “If they don’t click the link, are they really missing out?”

Is your offer that good? Will they regret not clicking that link? Or, will they click it, and experience a huge letdown? If your subscribers click the link once, and it wasn’t worth their time, they may never click a link again. Make sure every single link is packed with value.

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