How to Give Your Subscribers the Best Text Marketing Experience

How to Give Your Subscribers the Best Text Marketing Experience

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The best way to make sure your text marketing offers are maximized? Send these promos to a list of interested, engaged subscribers. Now, in order to build this list, you must thoroughly vet your subscribers from day one. Start off on the right foot with an irresistible opt in incentive that accurately represents your business or brand.

In addition, ask yourself these three questions.

How were these subscribers acquired?

Did they text in to join your list? Or did you acquire them in a not so compliant way? Maybe you bought a list of random numbers. On top of violating privacy and anti spam laws, this is not the right way to build an engaged, qualified text marketing list.

How frequently are you rewarding these subscribers with offers?

If you’re only sending one valuable offer a month, you’ll quickly see a decrease in list engagement. You need to regularly reward your subscribers. Can’t afford weekly discounts? Give biweekly promos a try. Make sure you get on a consistent schedule. Don’t send off the cuff offers whenever you feel like it. If subscribers are expecting your messages, they’re more likely to engage.

What do your current offer redemption rates look like?

Does getting your subscribers to redeem offers feel like pulling teeth? If so, you’re not sending out the right promotions. Make the open worth their while. You don’t want subscribers regretfully engaging with your campaigns.

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