Three of the Biggest Text Marketing Misconceptions

Three of the Biggest Text Marketing Misconceptions

text marketing misconceptions

We’ve been in the text marketing industry for quite some time. Here’s a few of the most common misconceptions we’ve run across.

1. I’ve collected numbers from previous customer interactions. I can totally add these people to my text list!

Not so fast. This is unfortunately one of the biggest text marketing misconceptions. You can’t simply go through your personal contact list, and add these people to your list. Not only is doing so completely unethical, but it can also get you in a slew of legal trouble for this poor practice. It goes completely against text marketing compliance.

2. As long as I’m sending valuable info, I can text my subscribers whenever I want. 

First things first, best practices discourage you from sending out messages before 9AM or after 9PM. Failure to follow this basic guideline could result in increasing opt outs. In addition, you absolutely cannot go past your original stated frequency. For example, if you promise to send only 4 text messages per month, don’t even think about sending five.

3. I can use text marketing as a communication tool. 

Ok, well the answer to this is two fold. Yes, you can use text marketing to communicate important, valuable messages. But, this isn’t like social media. You can’t just say “hi.” Your messages need to boast some sort of exclusive offer or announcement.

Check out these two examples.

Acceptable: Hey guys! This is Susie from Sandwich Mart. As a token of our appreciation, show this text for a free smoothie with any sandwich, valid today only.

Unacceptable: Hey guys! This is Susie from Sandwich Mart. Come down and try our sandwiches for lunch!

See how the top one boasts an offer, while the second one is a complete waste of time?

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