Can You Send a Text Coupon? Here’s How They Work

Can You Send a Text Coupon? Here’s How They Work

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Updated June 10, 2020

Over the last four years, mobile coupons (or text coupons, as they are also known), have become increasingly popular for both marketers and customers. This sophisticated new feature allows companies to send a web hosted mobile coupon with any (or every) text marketing campaign. These coupons boast the following bells and whistles: an expiration countdown ticker, store directions, click to redeem, social media links, and much more. Here’s why so many people are using text coupons, and examples of text coupons from major retailers.

Why use text coupons?

Mobile coupons are continuing to increase in popularity for many reasons, and marketers are getting more skilled at using coupons in unique ways. We began offering mobile coupons as a feature in 2016 and since then we’ve worked with hundreds of marketers on their coupon templates and campaigns. Here’s what we’ve learned from them about some of the most common advantages to mobile coupons.

1. They streamline the offer redemption process

Mobile coupons make offer redemption much simpler. In your web hosted coupon, you can share an eye-catching image, an attention grabbing headline and an offer description. This helps you get granular with your offers, which ultimately encourages more subscribers to take action.

2. They create a heightened sense of urgency

Our expiration ticker encourages immediate redemption. Think about it. If you receive a mobile offer, and see a countdown ticker, you’re going to feel a responsibility to redeem before that offer runs out. SMS marketing best practices preach the importance of a 24 to 48 hour redemption window.

3. The actual redemption process is incredibly simple

Our mobile coupon feature even allows for a “click for directions” button in the footer. This is a must have for restaurants, brick and mortar stores and ecommerce retailers.

Popular mobile coupon offers

Some companies truly understand how to send a mobile coupon. For example, the Lowest text coupon is widely known by Lowes customers and many will try to get a mobile coupon from Lowes when making a purchase decision. Here’s what some of the most popular mobile coupons in 2020 look like.

1. Lowes text coupon

lowes mobile coupon
photo h/t Krazy Koupon Lady

Lowe’s offers barcode-based coupons via mobile device. Typically the text coupon will feature an expiration date and coupon amount on the left hand side, with a warning about trying to copy the code underneath. On the right hand side, the top of the text coupon will feature a short list of employee instructions to ensure a uniform redemption procedure. Customers will find information on how to redeem their coupons online via the website underneath the employee instructions. Finally, the terms and conditions of the mobile coupon are featured in a block of text on the bottom right fourth of the coupon. 

Most mobile coupons fall between $10 and 20 off of a qualifying purchase. The Lowe’s logo is present close to the dollar amount, which often draws the eye first. 

2. Bed bath and beyond text coupon

Bed Bath and Beyond text coupon
Here’s what the Bed Bath and Beyond web form looks like to sign up for text coupons from the company.

This mobile coupon offered by Bed Bath and Beyond allows customers to easily scan for their discount, as the barcode is featured at the top of the screen. Vertically oriented instead of horizontally, Bed Bath and Beyond’s text coupon seemingly lists the elements of the deal in order of importance from top to bottom—starting with the barcode and ending with the fine print terms and conditions of the coupon. 

Bed Bath and Beyond often offers coupons with a certain percentage off one single item, or of an entire purchase if used in-store. Note that the Bed Bath and Beyond logo isn’t as close to the monetary reward as the Lowe’s logo and making your deal compelling is a huge part of how successful your mobile coupon will be with customers. 

3. Buy buy baby text coupons

buybuy baby mobile coupon

In general, text discounts issued from buy buy baby seem to take off 20% a single item or entire purchase. This example shows both the initial text to customers and the coupon itself. Buy buy baby structures their mobile coupon in a similar style to Bed Bath and Beyond—with the barcode at the top of the coupon, followed by the company logo, discount amount and terms and conditions of the mobile coupon. 

Depending on the pricing model of a given company, offering a percentage off individual items rather than a lump sum discount could be the most cost-effective way to entice customers to shop. 

 4. Express text coupon

express text coupon

Express has a number of discounts available online, through either their social media channels, email or text coupons. Currently, as of June 2020, their main text coupon is for $5 off a purchase. You can redeem coupons by providing the promo code either online or in store.

5. Old Navy text coupon

Old Navy text coupon

As seen with the previous mobile coupon from Express, text coupons can be a great opportunity to push a company cardholder program. This mobile coupon emphasizes the value of being a cardholder by showing that shoppers will save $5 by signing up for the program. Plainly showing consumers that they’ll save money and receive perks as a cardholder encourages participation in the program. Offering a discount and bringing awareness to the benefits of cardholder programs at the same time effectively make the text coupon more valuable. 

Note that layout of this mobile coupon is slightly different than the others, with two different barcodes at the bottom and terms and conditions sitting in the middle. 

6. Ralph Lauren outlet text coupon

Mobile coupons can be simple and still highly effective. This Polo Ralph Lauren outlet text coupon places the essential information in its own square, listing the terms and conditions underneath. Ralph Lauren outlet text coupons tend to range from 10% to 30% off of a total purchase or single item. This is common when it comes to standard text coupon percentages. 

Note that this coupon includes a place to print the offer for those who prefer to do so. This option can be popular amongst an audience that might not be as comfortable with their mobile devices and prefer to print their coupon.

7. Hibbetts text coupon

Hibbetts is a sportswear retailer that features a rewards program for registered members. This specific coupon is representative of the Hibbetts mobile and digital marketing strategy—hook the consumer with an enticing deal but only once they’ve become a rewards member. Taking a certain percentage, in this case 15% off of a purchase that hits a spend threshold is a way to make the discount more valuable to both the seller and the buyer.

Offering text coupons which require action also allow a given company to save the fine print for later. This can be positive when it comes to messaging, as the initial outreach message doesn’t need to contain terms and conditions of the discount. This allows the discount to use clean and simple language when prompting audiences to join membership programs. 

8. Macy’s text coupon

Macy's text coupon

This Macy’s text coupon is a great example of how companies can use a holiday or annual event to reach out to consumers. While Macy’s has offered coupons within a wide range, this specific text campaign is a way to expand your company’s text contact list. By creating a specialized code, you can offer customers themed deals and easily track new contacts. Creating a text list is about more than just sending a coupon, it’s about looking for ways to provide value to your customers.

Make sure to use a themed code, like “Jingle” for a Christmas deal. This can later be tracked as it is unique to the deal you’re offering. 

9. Kohl’s text coupon

kohl's text coupon

Joining the Kohl’s text list signs customers up for mobile sales alerts, plus you get an automatic Kohl’s text coupon worth 15% off at or for purchases via the Kohl’s app. One of the great elements of this Kohl’s text coupon sign up form is that the company clearly gives customers expectations on when they will hear from them — within one day. This type of clarity is important for customers, especially when people are providing contact information like a phone number which has been abused by spammers in the past.

10. Chipotle text coupon

You know guac is extra, right? Well, not if you sign up for Chipotle mobile coupons! To sign up for a Chipotle text coupon, customers can text the phrase SIGNUP to 888222. (They can also sign up online via the Chipotle website under the mobile offers tab). Since Chipotle is a food chain, their mobile coupon offers often involve complimentary food items with a larger purchase. From buy one burrito get one free offers to the one above, which offers free chips and guac with a larger purchase, customers are often enticed to use coupons when they see the word “free.” Note that “FREE CHIPS, FREE GUAC” and the Chipotle logo are typically the largest features of their mobile coupons. 

The barcode, terms and conditions and other pertinent information can all usually be found on the lower half of the text coupon. Pro tip for coupon design: Make the barcode as small as possible. Doing so allows for the majority of the space on the coupon to be used for more important information.