Here’s Three Core Principles That Surround Text Marketing

Here’s Three Core Principles That Surround Text Marketing

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If your campaign creation efforts and list promotion techniques don’t support these three core principles, you’re definitely not on the right track. Always make sure that each and every text marketing campaign focuses on the following: exclusivity, personalization, and high value. Without these three elements, your text marketing efforts will greatly suffer.

Make sure all offers boast exclusivity. 

Your offers should remain exclusive to your text marketing list. Don’t go firing out duplicate offers to your social media fans or email marketing list. Failure to respect this core principle will result in low offer redemption and high subscriber opt out. If you’re not experiencing text marketing success, you’re easily wasting valuable time and money.

Personalization is the future. 

Whenever possible, personalize your text marketing communication. We offer the birthday feature for this very reason. We don’t want your subscribers to feel like they’re part of a “generic” campaign. When possible, reward subscribers using advanced segmentation.

Fire out high value offers.

All offers should be borderline irresistible. You want your subscribers to jump at the chance to redeem. The only way to make this happen? Pay close attention to what your subscribers want. If your offers aren’t in line with their purchasing habits, you won’t experience success.

Aside from that, your text marketing campaign composition should be a total breeze. Respect and follow these three core principles. From that point on, it’s definitely smooth sailing.

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