3 Questions to Ask When You Run Out of Text Marketing Offer Ideas

3 Questions to Ask When You Run Out of Text Marketing Offer Ideas

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We’ve preached this before, but we’ll say it again. If you’re not providing value in your text marketing efforts, your subscribers will eventually unsubscribe. In general, text messaging is an incredibly personal form of communication, so don’t take advantage of the immediate outreach.

Let’s say you’re firing out one text marketing offer a week. In the past, these offers experienced an average redemption rate of 40%. This is a number you’ve grown to count on. But, a few weeks ago, your offer redemption started to plummet. As much as it stinks, you know exactly why your redemption is less than desirable. You’ve completely run out of mobile offer ideas. You’re reusing old campaigns and firing out generic, low value promotions.

So, now that we identified the problem, let’s look towards a solution.

Get some ideas flowing with these three questions.

What’s your most popular product?

Simply put, if you’re discounting products that don’t sit well with the popular majority, you won’t experience high offer redemption.

What type of discount to your subscribers respond best to? (% off, monetary discount, BOGO, etc.)

Go back to your days of successful redemption. Which offers seemed to work best? Maybe $5 off doesn’t perform well, but on the other hand, maybe 20% off does.

How are you creating a sense of urgency?

Put a cap on offer redemption. If that isn’t an option, set an expiration time and date. Either way, your offer MUST have a sense of urgency. Even if the offer itself is enticing, you need to seal the deal with limited redemption.

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