Stupid Mistakes That Make You Look Like an SMS Marketing Newbie

Stupid Mistakes That Make You Look Like an SMS Marketing Newbie

SMS marketing mistakes

SMS screwups? Not on our watch. We provide you with educational tools and information that helps you succeed. We want you to make us proud. With that said, please, for the love of all things SMS, don’t make these rookie campaign composition mistakes.

Sending out messages at inappropriate times of day.

As a general rule, don’t send out your SMS marketing messages before 9AM or after 9PM. In addition, try to set a text messaging routine. For example, if you want to send out weekly promotions, pick one day of the week and stick to this schedule. On top of that, pay attention to time of day. Don’t send out a 330PM promotion one week, and then the next, fire it out at 915AM. Be consistent.

Forgetting to include an offer expiration.

You want to create a sense of urgency. How do you do this? Include a set offer expiration. Want to streamline the process a bit more? Take advantage of our dynamic expiration date feature. This allows you to set an offer expiration “x amount of days out”, instead of choosing one specific date.

Leaving out redemption instructions.

Let’s get right to the point. SMS is all about offer redemption, right? If people aren’t taking advantage of your mobile promotions, then why bother? You’re wasting your money, their time … the list goes on. Don’t forget to include offer redemption instructions in your SMS message. This also can take form in a simple call to action. Something along the lines of “show this text” would be sufficient.

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