Forks Up for Food Trucks: 11 Creative Marketing Campaigns for New Truckers [Infographic]

Forks Up for Food Trucks: 11 Creative Marketing Campaigns for New Truckers [Infographic]

Text marketing for food trucks. Sure, you might not be familiar with this concept, but trust us when we say – it’s totally worth your time, money, and energy. First things first, 99% of all text messages are opened within five minutes or less. When you compare that to the standards open rates of email, there’s no contest. On average, 30% of all email marketing messages are opened. So you tell us, which open rate would you prefer?

As a new trucker, you’re probably passionate about building a community around your business. You understand the importance of cultivating a positive customer experience. With that said, bills still need to be paid and money made. How do you make ends meet? First things first, amp up your marketing initiatives.

When promoting your products and service, keep the following in mind.

Know your brand.

What’s your ultimate goal? Do you want to be America’s next great food truck? Or, do you want to build a small cult following in your local community? Establish a clear direction for the future, as this will help you hit milestone accomplishments with ease.

Know your customers.

What can they afford? What are their dietary preferences? What’s their standard “lunchtime?” If you can’t answer every single one of these questions, you need to take a step back and do a bit more market research before moving forward.

Know your product.

This might seem pretty obvious, but we’re talking granular details. Know the nitty gritty about your product, and it’s “selling points.”

Ready for more info? Check out these 11 awesome creative marketing campaign ideas for new truckers.

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