4 Tricks to Startup Success: How to Keep Your Team Focused, Motivated, and Positive

4 Tricks to Startup Success: How to Keep Your Team Focused, Motivated, and Positive

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Technically speaking, our text message marketing company is heading out of the “startup phrase”, but that doesn’t mean we don’t look for internal growth opportunities. At SlickText, we value a positive company culture that harbors creativity and innovation. If our atmosphere isn’t on point, our productivity doesn’t reach soaring heights.

Here’s how we keep our team on their A+ game.

1. Ask (tons of) questions.

Internal communication is key. Ask your coworkers what they’re working on. Take guidance from someone who knows a little more than you. Don’t always make “work” the central focus of your conversations. Inquire about weekend plans, personal goals, and current moods. This will help you develop a rapport that goes beyond the 9 to 5.

2. Prioritize support and respect in your day to day interactions.

Get this. You’re human, and you won’t always agree with your cohorts. Is that a cause for alarm? Not at all. But, if you’re handling these disagreements with insults, increased volume, and disrespectful body language – THAT’S a huge concern. Find yourself getting in a heated debate with a coworker? Let the words support and respect guide your communication.

3. Understand and acknowledge the unique value that each individual brings.

Let’s say you rock at customer service. Your cubicle neighbor sucks at phone support, but is a web development whiz. No matter what, no skillset is “better” or “stronger” than the other. Regularly acknowledge individual accomplishments. Understand this: your startup is like a jigsaw puzzle, and each one of you the pieces. Without one person, there’s a huge empty space that throws the entire structure off.

4. Encourage crazy, wacky, wild idea creation.

Remember, you’re a startup. That means you should be straying far away from robot marketing methods. Don’t get your head stuck in old school tactics. Think outside the box. Encourage wild new campaigns. Heck – give text message marketing a try.

Listen, we’re not a picture perfect startup. Our team is constantly growing, changing, and innovating – just like our products. But when you prioritize these four rules, your team will move forward in a positive, motivated, and focused direction.

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