The Story of the Missing Expiration Date

The Story of the Missing Expiration Date

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Want to experience success with text marketing? Pretty sure everyone just nodded their heads “yes” in agreement. Now, although the majority of you have wonderful intentions, some are still making one detrimental campaign composition error. You’re completely forgetting to include an offer expiration. Why is this so important? Because an expiration creates a sense of urgency. It encourages subscribers to immediately take advantage of your offer, which ultimately means more money in your pocket.

With all that said, we want to walk you through what could happen if you forget to include this crucial component.

Gina owns a mobile gyro shack. She’s super passionate about her business, and wants everyone to fall in love with her homemade gyros. She’s always taking time to perfect her recipes. She puts in 14-18 hour days. She even goes to seminars twice a year, and learns how to become a better business owner. For the most part, Gina’s pretty on top of her game. That’s why she decided to give text marketing a try. Gina called, one of the top texting services. She signed up for a basic plan, and set up her own unique textword, “GINAS.” A week later, she’s confident in her text marketing abilities, and decides to fire out her first campaign. 

“Show this text to redeem one free gyro with the purchase of any two.”

Now, this may look like a pretty simple offer. And it is. But, without an expiration, one of two things could happen.

A. No one rushes to redeem because there’s no sense of immediate urgency. This leaves Gina feeling incredibly discouraged.

B. Gina is forced to give away free gyros for the weeks on end because she never capped the offer with an expiration.

Don’t be like Gina. Insert an expiration date in all your mobile offers.

Partner up with the top group texting service, Give us a ring at 1.800.688.6290 to learn more, or head over to the pricing page and sign up for your free plan. We’ll never leave the “little guy” behind. We want every single user to become a text marketing pro.

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