Top 4 SMS Marketing Call to Action Phrases

Top 4 SMS Marketing Call to Action Phrases

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As we’ve discussed before, call to actions are absolutely crucial when it comes to SMS marketing campaign composition. If you’re new to this mobile communication tactic, you might struggle when trying to develop your own unique phrases. For this reason alone, we decided to list out some of our favorite call to action phrases, as well as the most common usage cases.

Now, keep in mind, without a call to action, your offer redemption will be slim to none. Keep it simple and to the point. This will easily yield the most results, which in the end, encourages long term business growth. Don’t include three call to actions in one text. Similarly, don’t make your call to action one, long run on sentence.

1. Show this text

This call to action specifically applies to in store promotions. We work with thousands of restaurant owners who take advantage of this phrase when firing out a limited time mobile offer.

2. Stop in

Usually partnered with show this text, stop in is yet another in store applicable call to action.

3. Enter _______ at checkout

This is reserved specifically for mobile coupon codes and ecommerce stores. For example, if you own an online dress boutique, you might fire out an SMS message that reads “20% all inventory, TODAY ONLY. Enter 20OFF at checkout.”

4. Reply with ____

This is a great call to action to use when running a text to win contest. If you’re taking advantage of our email capture feature or birthday rewards functionality, you’ll become quite familiar with this call to action phrase.

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