Here’s How We’re Taking Our Online Texting Service to the Next Level in 2016

Here’s How We’re Taking Our Online Texting Service to the Next Level in 2016

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We want to take a second to give you a quick update for the new year. We’re growing our online texting service at a rapid rate. We’ve been fortunate enough this year to see a drastic increase in account signups and upgrades, which ultimately allows us to provide a better user experience for you. Anyways, without further ado, here’s some awesome features we have lined up for early 2016.

Mobile Coupons

Get excited. This will be one of our biggest launches yet. We’re currently fine tuning this feature, and it will be available for account holders in early 2016. Mobile coupons will help you drastically increase your offer redemption. It will encourage recipients to redeem within a limited window of time, call for more information, or share the offer with friends.

Custom Fields

Custom fields allow account holders to upload databases of subscriber information that can be used to segment your text marketing messages. With text marketing, segmentation truly is key. It helps you qualify your messages, and make sure that each subscriber receives targeted, valuable offers.

Now we need some help from you. What do you want to see in the new year? Are there any features you want to see added to the list? How can we make your user experience better? Shoot us an email at Let us know how we can make your text marketing efforts a little bit easier and more effective.

2016 is your year. Parter up with our online texting service, and grow your business for dimes on the dollar. Our feature rich platform makes text marketing success inevitable. Spend time combing through our dense educational resources, and you’ll be a pro in no time at all. Don’t want to hop right into a monetary commitment? No problem at all. Head over to our pricing page and sign up for a free plan.

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