How to Convince Clients That SMS Marketing is a Must Have Tactic

How to Convince Clients That SMS Marketing is a Must Have Tactic

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As a marketing consultant or agency, you want your clients to stay on top of digital trends. In fact, if they fall behind, so do you. If their campaigns and initiatives stop performing, you might potentially lose their business. As a consultant, you want to push your clients towards high performing, affordable methods. Here’s why SMS marketing is the perfect sell.

The results are immediate.

If done correctly, SMS marketing yields immediate results. When trying to sell clients on new tactics, it’s important to prioritize results oriented conversation. Most clients want to see some sort of reward for their efforts. Now, never promise overnight success. But, if done correctly, SMS marketing can easily provide noticeable results in a period of 48 hours or less.

Talk about the ROI.

In addition to quick results, clients also want to get the most bang for their buck. They don’t want to invest thousands to only make hundreds. If they hired you or your agency, they already have certain expectations. With that said, discuss the huge ROI that comes with SMS marketing.

Your results are trackable.

As much as ROI is crucial to success, so is results measurement. With SMS marketing, you can easily examine opt in rate, offer redemption, and churn rate. This is appealing to most clients, as they want to have a close eye on detailed analytics. When you partner up with, you can easily access all these imperative measurements.

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