3 Foolproof Text to Win Contest Ideas for Your Retail Store

3 Foolproof Text to Win Contest Ideas for Your Retail Store

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It’s October 1, and what’s next up on our content schedule? SMS marketing for retailers. We sufficiently briefed you on how to use this mobile communication tool to increase restaurant traffic, and now it’s time to dive into the details for retail. (See how that rhymed??) Anyways, let’s start off the first post with a bang, and jump right in to text to win contest ideas.

You should know by now, contests can drastically increase your list size in a matter of days, if done correctly. It’s one of our most used SMS marketing features, and rightfully so. So, let’s get down to the nitty gritty, and review three foolproof text to win contest ideas for your retail store.

$250 Shopping Spree

With a text to win contest, the bigger the prize, the better. When your customers see the in store promotional materials, you want them to do a double take. Your prize should always be borderline irresistible, as this will yield the most long term results.

One Year Supply of ________

A one year supply of anything is pretty incentivizing. Most would jump at the chance to claim this prize. For example, let’s say you own a local grocery chain. Keep it simple, and offer a free one year supply of frozen pizzas. Don’t overcomplicate the offer.

Continual Use Coupon Code with No Expiration

The winners of this text to win contest receive a unique, continual use mobile coupon with no expiration. What does that mean? They can cash in on a lifetime of savings. Make sure the discount is large enough to garner attention, but also won’t hinder your bottom line. Most retailers will choose to offer 20% off, as this still allows for a sufficient markup.

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