Top 3 Concerns From Restaurant Owners Considering SMS Marketing

Top 3 Concerns From Restaurant Owners Considering SMS Marketing

SMS marketing

SMS marketing is an effective and affordable mobile communication tool for small business owners nationwide. It allows you to grow your business without spending more than you can afford. With that said, each business owner still has their own individual concerns when it comes to SMS.

Here’s the top 3 most common concerns, partnered with some immediate solutions.

1. I don’t understand SMS marketing, so I won’t be able to get results.

Have no fear, offers tons of free educational resources that yield results. Grow your new SMS marketing list with our simple tips. Dive into the beginner’s guide, or comb through our easy to understand infographics.

2. I don’t have hundreds of dollars to pour into a new tactic.

You don’t have a huge wad of cash to spend, and that’s completely ok. Guess what? That’s exactly why we offer a free SMS marketing plan. Give it a practice run before spending your hard earned cash. Test out our tried and true tactics on the free plan, then upgrade at your own pace.

3. I don’t know if my customers would actually respond to this method.

True, SMS marketing simply isn’t for everyone. When choosing a marketing method, always keep your customer’s needs and media habits at the forefront of the decision making process. Don’t pick a promotional outlet that just doesn’t serve you well long term.

However, when deciding on the effectiveness of SMS marketing for your business, keep this important statistic in mind. 99% of all text messages are opened/read. When comparing that to email marketing, or any other digital outreach tactic, there’s simply no contest.

Ready to partner up with top SMS marketing provider, Give us a call today at 1.800.688.6290 to sign up for your free plan. We offer a feature rich platform that caters to the new SMS marketing user.

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