How to Run a Text to Win Contest for Your Cafe

How to Run a Text to Win Contest for Your Cafe

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At, we encourage all SMS marketing users to take advantage of our awesome text to win contest feature. It’s a great way to quickly grow your list, and provides current subscribers with a reward for their loyalty. When developing an incentive for your contest, be sure to offer something that provides instant appeal. You want to immediately grab the attention of your subscribers. Don’t desperately coax them with an average prize. Let your incentive do the talking.

So, let’s say you own a popular cafe, espresso bar, or all around hip establishment. First things first, you should definitely be using SMS marketing to encourage more day to day business. Instead of offering punch cards, track and reward loyal patrons with mobile coupons.

Let’s fast forward, and assume you see the value in this mobile communication tactic. Ready to take your growth to the next level? Give a text to win contest a try.

1. Decide on one grand prize.

The grand prize should be irresistible. For cafes, something like a year’s worth of free beverages should do the trick. You want your customers’ jaws to drop when they see the prize.

2. Next, come up with an instant reward for all non winners.

Keep it simple. Reward all entrants with something valuable, like a free cup of coffee. This will easily encourage more participation.

3. Finalize entry dates.

Don’t run the contest for too long. Create a sense of urgency with a limited window of entry. One to two weeks max is ideal.

4. Promote, promote, promote.

If you don’t spread the word about your text to win contest, you won’t experience maximum results. Print up in store flyers, engage patrons via word of mouth, and share contest details on social media.

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