How to Reward Restaurant Patrons with Our Birthday Text Feature

How to Reward Restaurant Patrons with Our Birthday Text Feature

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Did you know our online texting service allows you to automatically reward subscribers with a birthday treat? Our system will fire out an automated campaign of your choosing to each subscriber on their special day. Restaurant owners love taking advantage of this unique feature, as it increases patronage and order totals. In general, this feature increases long term customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. This one simple feature has the power to easily grow your business.

So, if you’re all about this feature, and want to give it a try, hop into your Dashboard, and switch on Birthday Capture. That’s the easy part, right? Set up your automated message, and decide on an applicable reward.

While some restaurant owners might choose to offer a free dessert, others might decide on a different offer. Either way, come up with something that is unique to your business. On top of that, you want this offer to encourage foot traffic. Make sure the offer is only redeemable on the day it’s received. Don’t provide an open ended window of redemption, as this will only discourage results.

While most of our restaurant users choose to offer free dessert, others like to up the value a bit by providing birthday diners with a free meal. That’s totally up to you, and what your profit margins will allow. Either way, whether it’s a drink, dessert, or an entree, make sure at least one item is given for free. Don’t make your subscribers complete a purchase just to redeem a birthday offer.

Partner up with an online texting service that offers a feature rich platform. Slick Text is one of the most innovative providers, and boasts features that allow you to capitalize on this mobile communication method. Give us a call today at 1.800.688.6290 to sign up for your free plan.

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