How to Ask Restaurant Patrons to Join Your SMS Marketing List

How to Ask Restaurant Patrons to Join Your SMS Marketing List

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So you’re ready to give SMS marketing a try, but don’t know where to start. You might even be wondering, “How exactly do I grow my list?” You’ve printed up a few in store flyers, but want to strengthen your efforts with an additional solution. If the shoe fits, we suggest verbally engaging with your customers. Obviously, this isn’t ideal in every situation. If you own a fine dining establishment, you might want to stay away from heavy word of mouth marketing. But, if you run a local hangout, or bar and grill, by all means, chat away. Talk about your SMS rewards club, and what you offer in exchange for signup. When talking with your loyal restaurant patrons, follow this three step formula.

1. Would you like to receive exclusive, VIP discounts? 

Remember, always highlight the benefits. Don’t make joining an SMS marketing list overwhelming. Get right to the point. Clearly state your opt in incentive, and list out potential future offers. Also, remind potential subscribers of your frequency promise, and vow to never overwhelm them with invasive campaigns.

2. Do you own a mobile phone?

It pretty much goes without saying, customers must own a mobile phone in order to subscribe. Now, keep in mind, it doesn’t have to be a smartphone. The customer simply must have text messaging capabilities. Even flip phone owners can reap the benefits of SMS marketing.

3. Let me show you how to join.

Walk your customers through the sign up process. If time allows, you can encourage them to join on the spot. Remember to highlight the simplicity of this mobile communication method. Don’t make the opt in process seem complicated. Get right to the point with signup details and personalized instruction.

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