Here’s One Tool That Makes Restaurant Upselling So Much Easier

Here’s One Tool That Makes Restaurant Upselling So Much Easier

SMS marketing for restaurants

In the world of restaurant sales, upselling is absolutely crucial. If your servers can’t crank out high ticket totals, you might not survive long term. Even the most basic burger joint can benefit from consistent upselling. In fact, think of your favorite fast food stop. How many times, when cruising through the drive thru, have you been asked, “Would you like fries with that?

It can be assumed that upselling benefits all restaurants, no matter the size or style. Most train their staff to upsell via word of mouth, and although this isn’t completely incorrect, there’s a better way. Make the formula a bit more automated, and put power into the hands of the diner.

With text messages boasting a 99% open rate, and the majority of the population keeping a device within arms length, SMS marketing is a great way to encourage an upsell. So, where exactly do you begin? First things first, take advantage of promotional print materials.

Print up table tents that offer a special incentive. For example, reward new SMS marketing subscribers with a buy one, get one appetizer free promo. This is exactly where the upselling comes in. Without this promotion, your customers might not consider purchasing an appetizer on their own. Sure, each individual would get an entree, but not all would readily add an appetizer to their tab.

This promotion kills two birds with one stone. It encourages a natural upsell and adds a new subscriber to your SMS marketing list. It truly is the best of both worlds, and every restaurant owner should take a stab at this awesome marketing tool.

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